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Infographics for Trulia's August 2010 American Dream Survey

Embargoed until August 18th at 1:00 pm Eastern time. has designed a set of infographics to illustrate some of the striking results of Trulia’s latest American Dream survey, conducted by Harris Interactive for 


Click here to download the following infographics:

1.       The Evolution of American Attitudes Toward Home Ownership

2.       Is the McMansion Era Over? Americans’ Ideal Home Size Now and Through the Decades

3.       Is the McMansion Era Over? Americans’ Ideal Home Size

4.       Average American Home Size Through the Decades

5.       Pie Chart: Americans’ Ideal Home Size

6.       The Job Market and the Real Estate Market: Unemployment Rate vs. New Home Sales


Media and bloggers should feel free to republish any or all of these graphics after the embargo lifts, in articles/posts containing a link to

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